Byron Strong + Milo Bryson - Added April 28, 2016

Sit down talk with New models Byron Strong and Milo Bryson. This is there first time working together and Bryson is ready. This sexy light skin told us that he has been wanting to get into the industry for a while and figured that now was the right time. Well, he was right about that. Which is why he was paired up with this big dick youngin, Byron Strong. Lets check them out and see what happens.

Tezjork + Toonez - Added April 21, 2016

Tezjork and Toonez meet up and Miami and have been talking about being able to work together soon and doing a scene. Tezjork told Toonez about the shoot that he had with Kydzeion and that it was his first scene since coming out of retirement. Toonez figured that he might as well jump on the bandwagon and be the next person that Tezjork gets down with, so he offered to make it happen. They get back to the room and Tezjork starts off by shoving is big dick in Toonez mouth. Seems like it was not expected but Toonez takes a deep breather and goes for it again. Toonez has a nice as though and Tezjork can peep that. Before he dives in though, he wanted to get a little taste. Oh yea, veteran and a newbie. We know how this is going to go and if you don't well you need to pay close attention.

Conrad Carson + Erik Edmunds - Added April 14, 2016

Conrad and Erik meet up. They have been knowing each other for a while and been talking mad shit to each other about hooking up one day. Conrad didn't think that it would ever happen because Erik always had some excuse when it came time for them to meet up. Finally the day comes and Erik is ready get something freaky going on with Conrad. Conrad and Erik start off with a little kissing. These two clearly have some connection, cause that kiss was very intimate. So Erik asks Conrad whats up, but he already knows. Erik lays on the bed and the action begins with some fire dick sucking from Conrad. He pulls Eriks dick out with no hesitation. Erik is loving it and the way that dick is growing it shows. The vibe is there for sure, so they switch it up and Erik slurps Conrad up for a little. Check out the dick on these two. There going to be some hot bareback action no doubt. Lets see what happens.

Lamar Love + Meko Mills 2 - Added April 7, 2016

Lamar and Meko are left alone in detention with the teacher nowhere in sight. With nothing to do Lamar figures he and Meko should kick it and Meko is definitely game. They drop trou and Meko gets on his knees to get Lamar's big dick real hard. Lamar bends Meko over and tastes his tight hole, spreading his cheeks and burying his face in it. In no time they're taking turns plowing each other, digging in balls deep and fucking rough and bare. Lamar unleashes a big load in Meko's hungry mouth and Meko swallows that nut down like he's starving. Meko finishes by shooting a huge load all over Lamars lips then leans down and licks it up while they kiss. That's what's up!

Extasy Baby + Kemancheo - Added March 31, 2016

Kemancheo has been having some bad biz with the Rockafellaz. Just to give you a brief rundown. A while back Kemancheo and some kat from Thugboy kidnapped one of the Rockafellaz and took advantage of him. Luckily Karmel Rockafella was able to get free. Every since then Kemancheo has been on the run. He made it to Chicago from Miami and it seems as though Rock has connections everywhere and is determined on catching up with him. Rock contacted Extacsy Baby and told him that he found out where Kemancheo was. Xtasy caught up with Kemancheo and worked out a little deal. Turned out to be a fucking deal. Big dicks being sucked and fat asses being licked and the cumshot was not to be fucked with.

Leon Holt + Rahim Stokes Dorm Detention - Added March 24, 2016

C.O. Leon Holt comes again to check on cocodorm detention inmate Rahim Stokes. But Rahim already know whats up with this C. O. because they have had a run in with each other before. Rahim makes it known that he is hip to the game and clear how things go down. He give Leons dick a nice warm welcoming with his mouth. So I guess Rahim is doing some serious hard time. Check him and Leon out as they get down in solitary confinement.