Messiah Blaine + Zamnn Zaddie - Added March 23, 2017

Tony TMT + Vic Valentino 2 - Added March 16, 2017

Christian Armani + Leo Bandit - Added March 9, 2017

Christian and Leo returned to their room from the Sauna. Christian was still super hot from the sauna, so Leo suggested that he relieve some of that heat with him. Christian then begins to suck Leos thick dick immediately. Soon after Leo puts his tongue deep in Christians ass. Once he gets his fill eating, Leo decides hes ready to see what Christian feels like. They begin fucking and it gets a lil crazy. They even take advantage of the view they have. and fuck in the window.

Polo Don + Vic Valentino - Added March 2, 2017

Tezjork + Timarrie Baker - Added February 23, 2017

Tezjork is up late watching porn when Tamirrie arrives to finish Tezjork off.

Jaydoe Funsize + Syncere Whyte - Added February 16, 2017

Syncere and Jaydoe star in this hot versatile scene. These guys make a bet " Who can lay the pipe better". It starts off by Jaydoe sucking Syncere's dick until he feels like it's hard enough for him to climb on top straddle and ride. Jaydoe has fun riding that dick, until Syncere flips his ass over and makes Jaydoe take that dick from the back. Then its Jaydoe's turn, he puts Syncere on his back throws those legs up and fucks Syncere so deep until he pulls out right before he bust a huge load on Syncere. The scene ends with Syncere stroking that dick until he bust his huge load onto Jaydoe. We will leave it up to you to decide who won the bet!