Fiji + Staxx - Added July 21, 2016

Staxx and Fiji meet up, trying to make some plans about what club they are going to be hitting up over the weekend. Staxx is wanting to do a little bit more than jus make plans to go to a club. Fiji offers to show Staxx his new jock strap. Staxx likes what he see and wants to see and do more. Fiji doesn't hesitate to getting that dick down his throat and Staxx has no objections. Fiji shows that this isn't his first time at the rodeo and to show Staxx that he better get ready for the ride of his life. Fiji sucks and slobs all over Staxx dick and shows that he's got that good deep throat action. Check out how Fiji takes the dick and creams all over it. His ass is so wet and Staxx is doing his best not to cum too fast. Will he be able to hold it? Lets find out.

Golden Chyld + Quake - Added July 14, 2016

Golden Chyld and Quake meet up for the first time and jump right into things. Golden wraps his lips around Quakes dick and works it up till its nice and swollen inside his mouth. Quakes big dick throbs inside Golden Chylds mouth and he's loving it. Quake then flips Golden up so he can eat his ass while sucking his dick. This goes on for while and then before u know it, Quake is ready to plant that dick in that booty. Well we are going to leave it up to you to see what happens next.

Chase Carter + Marion Mathis - Added July 7, 2016

Chase and Marion meet up at the studio for a photoshoot together. All dressed up and ready to go. Well the photographer has to step out for a little and has the two models wait and chill till he gets back. Well, while Chase and Marion waits, Chase comes up with the idea to try and get a little fuck session in real quick before the photographer comes back. Marion thinks about it and doesn't want to get caught and get in trouble. But he eventually gives in for something quick. Check out this this hot scene with Chase Carter and new model Marion Mathis.

Rock + Speechless Rockafella - Added July 1, 2016

I was chillin with Speechless Rockafella and waiting on a model to come through that he was going to do his shoot with. We waited and waited and the dude never showed up. We now how people get during pride. So I asked him if he wanted to just shoot with me and he was down for the cause. Yea I had to film this one myself, but I made it happen. Its pretty hot for not having someone film me.

Onyx + Spyder Man - Added June 23, 2016

Onyx in need for a good dick suckin, and Spyder Man is just his dude for that. After a wild oral session Onyx is ready to dick Spyder down raw. Hittin him with all he got til they're both ready to bust those nuts. Yea, they hella exhausted after that workout, but it was worth it all in the end to get this primo footage of two hot and horny brothas.

Extasy Baby + Maseo - Added June 17, 2016

Extasy and Maseo runnin into each otha in Chicago and all these dope ass brothas got in mind is some raw fuckin. Maseo lays down the law with that dick fa sure and Extasy gon take it all like the pro he is. Maseo is straight up gangsta and dont stop for nothin, man ya always get the hottest shit when brothas are doin it raw. Fuckin dicks are on hard and used to full effect! Maseo is just too damn ruthless in this one!