Jaydoe Funsize + Kobe Grey - Added January 19, 2017

Jaydoe Funsize + Kobe Grey: Jaydoe is chilling back trying to find some good porn to watch on his phone. He's been horny all day and haven't been able to get him no dick and no ass from no one. Jaydoe gives up on watching porn on his phone after not being able to find anything to satisfy that urge. Jaydoe falls asleep and later wakes up to a big ass dick in his face. He realizes that he had been thinking about some dick before he fell asleep that he started dreaming about. Kobe Grey from Rockafellaz pops up in his dream and looks to give Jaydoe what he needs. Jaydoe has never had some Rockafella dick before, but he is about have dream that he will never forget. Jaydoe sees how big and juicy that dick looks and starts to suck on Kobes dick. Jaydoe stops from time to time just to look at how big and pretty it is. He then decides he ready to feel that dick inside him. First he has to find the right position that he can take the dick. Once he does, then its game on.

Daniel Thompson + Vic Valentino - Added January 12, 2017

Daniel and Vic had been hitting each other up for a while. Vic had told Daniel about a party that was going on that night and Daniel said he was down to go. He invited Vic over to his room to hang out for a while before they go out. Vic came in and Daniel was in his new underwear gear. Vic didn't really pay him any mind or act surprised because he knows how Daniel is or can be. Daniel doesn't really waist anytime though. He dives down on Vics dick after pulling it out. Daniel wets that dick up real quick and sees that its bigger than what he expected. Big dick from a tall slim dude like Vic, Daniel should have known better. Vic just lays back as Daniel slurps on his piece. Now its time to get down to business. Vic gets Daniel ready so he can give him the plung he's been waiting for.

Domino Star + TaetheDoug - Added January 5, 2017

Domino and Tae come back from the club and Tae isn't sure if he is having a good time. It's his first time attending Atlanta pride and Domino is trying to make him feel comfortable, so Domino offers a little more. They start suckin each others dicks and take turns eating each others ass. Tae gets his 8" dick all the way in Domino's tight ass and Domino is in heaven. Tae wants to get some dick too, so he bends over and offers his ass up as well. Domino busts a huge nut on Tae face and licks it up and Snowballs Tae while Tae busts his nut.

Drummer Boi & Travis Davis - Added December 29, 2016

Travis Davis and Drummer Boi are stuck in detention again because he was late the last time he was supposed to attend. Drummer Boi comes in and starts to annoy Travis about being in detention. After a while Drummer Boi decides to give Travis something else to focus on. He pulls his big dick out and Travis starts to suck on it. Drummer Boi eats Travis' tight ass out then bends him over and dicks him down. Drummer Boi nuts deep into Travis' ass and Travis pushes it out. Drummer isn't done tho and busts another nut soon after! Travis unloads in Drummer Boi's mouth and all over his face.

Lucky Luther + Vic Valentino - Added December 22, 2016

Daniel Thompson + Messiah Blaine - Added December 15, 2016

Daniel and Messiah were friends that occasionally hooked up. Messiah invited Daniel to come over to his room. They started taking photos in the hotel, but Messiah wanted more. So Daniel got on his knees and decided to give Messiah just what he needed. They fucked each others brains out until they both until they reach full completion.